Perhaps you have seen 5:55 more regularly or repetition of other numbers. The question is, what does this mean in connection with the Bible? Note, seeing 555 could be a sign that an angel is responding to your prayers. Remember, God sends angels into our lives; they are our guardians and watch over us and guide us through our day to day life. It is through the angle numbers 555 that they communicate to us or can use different recurrent number sequences. 

Do you know what 555 means, according to the Bible? It is angle number, depicting grouping of spiritual number 5 recurring three times. Those who see these numbers should understand that it is a reply to particular meditations or prayer. According to the Bible, 5:55 symbolizes kindness, salvation, and grace; those who see these numbers should be aware of this. 

Seeing angel number 555 may signify that your guardian angel is attempting to connect with you. How would you define angle number 5? According to scripture, number 5 is a symbolic sign of God’s grace. Our Christ Jesus was wounded five times when he was being crucified. It is written than He had two injuries on His hands, two on the feet and one of His chest. Based on the Bible, these wounds are termed as 5 Holy injuries. It is through the death of our Christ that we can attest to God’s unmerited kindness to humankind. 

Does this mean Angle number 5 is an extraordinary message? Yes, it is a special message. Thus, if you start seeing 555 reiterated various times, you shouldn’t panic but recognize its importance. Even though angle number 555 is considered to have a diversity of meanings, we have discussed few in this article; continue reading to remain adequately informed of what guardian angel may be trying to convey. 

Uphold Self-Kindness

We often commit wrongs, and that is not a reason to plonk excess pressure on oneself to attain a life of perfection. When you see 555, it is a signal from your guardian angel to exercise self-kindness. Remember, you have a purpose on this planet, and that confirms your existence on this earth. Be a source of His glory and you will be on the right path to fulfilling your purpose.

Your Close Relation Is Battling with Illness

As mentioned earlier, 5 marks the Holy wounds that Jesus suffered when He was crucified. Seeing 555 may symbolize that a close person is injured or sick. Your guardian angel sends this sign to inform you they are keeping watch of the ailing or wounded person. Do not tire from praying for the sick, and you will always witness God’s miracles. Get more details at